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What is Muskey Framework

Muskey Framework was introduced in 2013 by a team of 5 programmers who were continuously using Yii framework and realized how easy certain functions and views could be reused in various projects. Due to constraints of time, there was need to develop Hybrid Php programming framework that could be Re-used anytime the team needed a new system. However, the framework was to meet the following conditions.

  1. Be Compatible with Mobile Phones
  2. Could be reused with any external jquery plugin without any issues.
  3. Could make use of Angular Js so that pages could be reloaded without refreshing the whole page
  4. The start page to have a good welcome interface that could be used by any institution

It took the developing team one year to come up with a sleek framework that combined quite many features which gave programmers the least trouble of coming up with any user interface.
Why Muskey Framework

Muskey Framework has a number of advantages to a programmer who understands Php Programming

Muskey Framework does not require one to train much about some of the best features that a programmer needs to come up with a good System

The Framework uses Twitter Bootstrap which makes interfaces to be quite admirable

Muskey Framework was initially designed for large firms but was later scaled down to suit medium and small sized firms

The framework enables you to work on projects quite fast and one can use ionic framework to change the same application to ios or android platforms without having to code for the applications separately

Muskey Framework is fully compatible with mobile phones and comes with 2 free themes which one can use and additional theme comes at additional cost of only $8

Why Hybrid Framework

It combines more than seven elegant existing technologies including Yii framework,Angular Js, Boostrap, JQgrid,Ionic Framework,Cordova Plugins, Zend Classes for specific purposes like Barcode,Google APIs among others.

In the user End, it uses Twitter Bootstrap 3.1.1 +

It uses jQGrid to display tables thus making it to be more desired by many programmers who always need to intergrate their applications with jqgrid

Forms interract with the database via ajax, since most of the forms are automatically generated by the jqgrid

However, there comes a times when programmers need their own forms and customize forms. This has been taken care of very well by the framework

All routing calls in controllers are performed through angular js

Other peculiar features like Barcode reading and writing, Nfc and Google maps have been provided by the framework

Back-end uses Yii framework which controls data models and server controllers

The Framework can use MYSQL database and PostGress but only MYSQL is documented for Now.

Recent Applications created by the Framework

School Picking and Dropping Application

The Application is well integrated to use a Barcode to recognize a Pupil. Each pupil has a card tagged on a bag. When a pupil enters the bus, the card is scanned by use of a mobile phone, either by use of Android or iOS Phone and message is sent to the parent to confirm that the pupil was picked by the School Bus

In the Evening, the card is scanned again when dropping the pupil to confirm that the pupil was successfully returned home

The Application has a well integrated Google map which shall show a parent the position of the bus so that the pupil does not get late to board the school bus

The management also get real time updates on their web-based application which indicates how many pupils have been collected so far and how many are remaining at any given time.

In case the person picking pupils cannot access Internet at the time he/ she is picking pupils, the application allows him/her to continue then the results can be Synced to the sever later when the phone can access Internet.

In case it is dark, the Application has a flashlight which one can enable to scan the Barcode card.


Simple Steps to Work with Muskey Framework

Download the Bundle Here

You will be required to Purchase Muskey Framework Bundles and install in your Computer. It is a web-based Cross platform running on Php, what it needs is a host you will be using to test and debug your application


Unzip the the Downloaded file. In the Database folder is test Database named 'muskey.sql'

Import the Database and login go to url 'localhost/yourfolder/'

Enjoy Simple Programming

Start your Programming Magic

The Framework has almost all plugins you may Require

All plugins are well documented On how to use